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Our first two Qigong videos, Ba Gua Zhang Body Conditioning Drills and Yijinjing, or Muscle Tendon Changing, Qigong video programs are now available for purchase and download on  So far these programs have been available only on Amazon and on  For the first time we have learned how to make these programs available for purchase and download on our

Although the Qigong DVDs are beautiful many people will find enhanced functionality from because you will be able to stream your favorite program over all of your devices including your mobile phone, laptop and tablet.  This should make it easier for you to view these programs anytime you feel like practicing or find yourself in a suitable location.

Of course you can also stream them straight to your favorite TV, so you can practice in your own home.

Another big benefit is they are cheaper online!  So you can save a few dollars or buy more.

The Yijinjing, or Muscle Tendon Classic is an ancient method of qigong designed to prepare you for mediation, especially, Chan or Zen, and for Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.  Of course they are a great way for anyone to get in shape and improve their health.  Because there are 24 different exercises there is plenty of variety to make each practice both a more complete round of exercise and a more varied and interesting workout.  To purchase of find out more go here.

The Ba Gua Zhang Body Conditioning Drills are a great way to heal your shoulders, arms, wrist and hands.  They also help improve your spinal health.  These drills are designed to condition your joints and tendons to prepare you for rigorous martial arts training.  Most people fix everything wrong with your upper body including old injuries, scar tissue, adhesions in the shoulders, frozen shoulders, weak wrists or hands and general aches and pains.  They are also wonderful for building the synergy of the entire body and learning how to generate the famous tornado like torquing power of Ba Gua Zhang.  You’ll learn how to grip powerfully using the strength of your entire arm.  With 29 individual exercises you get a great workout and improve your health and skill.  Find out more here.


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