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Tai Chi Long Form performed by Scott Jensen to Bolero

By June 1, 2016June 16th, 2021Events and Classes

Tai Chi Long Form performed by Scott Jensen to Bolero


Follow Along and Enjoy a Tai Chi Long Form with me on a beautiful spring day near Alpine Lake.

As many of you know Rachel and I have been learning how to shoot and edit video for awhile now.  We are making some progress in developing our skills.   We hope you enjoy this video.  Bolero is a famous classical piece composed by Ravel.  I hope you like it with the Tai Chi Form.

We shot this video at Alpine Lake in Marin County, California.  We’re using a Sony A7sii with 28 -135 f4 lens. No coloring or grading has been performed and the soundtrack is the live sound – apart from Bolero.  There are a lot of birds in this area!

This performance of the entire long form is designed to be a “Follow Along”.  This means I start facing away from you so you can follow along, just like in a class, or private lesson. Or like when I was following along behind my teacher Grandmaster Wong Jackman.

We are working on a new online video course called “Learn Tai Chi in 100 Days”.  In this course you will be able to learn the first section for the Tai Chi form.  This first section is about 30 moves long and perfect for a great start in Tai Chi.  In this performance I do the entire Long Form, which is….. much longer.

If you have a favorite piece of music that you would like to hear me try with a Tai Chi piece please let me know in the comments below.

This video is about 15 minutes long and it is full HD so it might take a little while to load.


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  • sifujensen says:

    Likes, comments, suggestions on other pieces of music, or locations are all welcomed. Thank you for watching!

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