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Our second Tai Chi Push Hands Seminar was a big success! Our focus was on the Push technique in Tai Chi and its variations and defenses. We covered all intended topics, and everyone quickly absorbed the techniques and drills. It was fun to meet new people, play Tai Chi push hands with old friends and enjoy an absolutely beautiful day in the park.  

One of the specialties of Yang Style Tai Chi is the Uproot. The uproot is a push technique that uses almost no force yet projects the person pushed quite a distance away. If Yang Style Tai Chi masters can push you a long distance away without using obvious muscular force and a light touch, they are simply delighted. Everyone got a good start on learning the uproot.  

We also looked at other types of pushes, including pushes aimed at the hips, ribs, upper chest and shoulders and the ideal hand positions for each push and how to best defend against the push using Tai Chi principles. We also studied weight shifting to power our pushes. Using steps and the process of rolling from your heel into your bow stance as part of your push. How to close the distance to set up a catapult like push.  

To defend against pushes we learned how to absorb the opponents force into the ground by rooting and correct posture. With good rooting you can withstand a push or throw with little effort. We also practiced using precise retreating steps to control distance while evading the push. In addition, we practiced three flowing drills to practice the sticking and leading skills of rolling off pushes with a gentle touch and leading your partner into becoming overextended and off balance. 

We had a great time being very “pushy” and “unpushable” at the same time.  A fine Tai Chi Push Hands practice! Our group was friendly, and we all had fun playing push hands and rotating partners often so everyone could work together and also experience all the different body types, personalities, and skill levels.  

Check this newsletter next week for further details on the upcoming Tai Chi Push Hands Seminar Series dates and topics. Each seminar has a unique topic. They are all good! Hope you can make it! 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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