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The Taoist mystics of ancient China believed fog was a blending of the energies of heaven and earth. This means that during those beautiful moments of fog flowing over the hills and sliding through the golden gate the auspicious and celestial forces of the universe are also flowing into our mortal realm. If you are in a place frequented by mists and fogs of the natural not chemical variety, you are in place where all intellectual or spiritual activities are enhanced. This makes these locations great for meditation, qigong, tai chi, kung fu and generally being a genius of any type.  

When we look at our own beloved San Francisco Bay Area where does the fog arrive?  

Well of course the fog hits San Francisco first and hardest. And indeed San Francisco is a world famous center of innovation and change. In San Francisco we find UCSF one of the finest medical research facilities on the planet, the University of San Francisco, and SF State. San Francisco is even named after the famous catholic saint Francis who was famous for levitating while delivering sermons.

The fog passing through the Golden Gate and occasionally just under the Golden Gate Bridge coils its dragon’s tail across the bay, around treasure island, and Angel Island, and then hits Berkeley. Berkeley is of course home to UC Berkely one of the tops schools and research centers in the world. In addition, Berkely is also home to the theological union, a group of famous seminaries and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories. Berkeley also has a worldwide reputation for being innovative and progressive. Only miles away the fog rarely hits Oakland or the other east aby cities and they have very different communities.

On the peninsula the fog slides right over the gap in the hills behind Palo Alto and gently floods Stanford University, again one of the finest universities, research centers and hospitals in the world. Only miles away the sunniest areas lack this intense intellectual center. Of course, the entire does also get some of the south bay fog that hits San Jose and Fremont. These are all centers of silicon valley research development and investment.

Even though we might find the fog cold or a little to damp for our tastes it is a great place to practice your lineage arts and gather your qi and stimulate your creativity! Have Fun!

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