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Everyone at 10,000 Victories including all of our students and teachers are extremely grateful for Darcie Chellew’s support and assistance starting/restarting our classes in San Rafael. Darcie Chellew is the new manager for the San Rafael Community Center, and she has been absolutely terrific. Without her help there is no way we would be in the community center and especially in the beautiful main auditorium where we have abundant room for everyone to practice together.

All the classes taught be the 10,000 Victories School were cancelled at every location as soon as the pandemic hit. This effectively and suddenly ended the business we had spent 15 years building. 10,000 Victories has built a great online academy during the pandemic, but we had not restarted local classes. Darcie Chellew reached out to us and personally invited us to return and was extremely patient creating our class schedule with Sifu Jensen and working out the many details required to reestablish the partnership agreements and documents required. It makes a huge difference to know we have such a friendly and capable manager at our favorite facility. With her support we are assured of many years of great classes full of fun, camaraderie, and healthy exercise.

Welcome and thank you Darcie Chellew!

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