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Imagine the world disintegrating with each exhale. All that you love perishes and you witness the cycle of seasons 10,000 times. An unfamiliar future dawns, yet it is riddled with the ancient, persistent, mistakes of mankind. You no longer see beauty, only the inevitability of death and decay.

In this mystical martial arts epic, Sifu Yang wishes to transcend his condition, binding him to an endless cycle of birth, death, joy, and sorrow: Immortality. By initiating his four disciples in a ritual battle, intertwined with hidden forces, he shall attempt to master the cosmic principle that enslaves him, Yin and Yang… perhaps at the cost of those closest to him. In truth, all he longs for is union with his now passed wife Qingyuan, in the Dragon’s Realm.

My name’s Sean Lim, and I’m a 23 year old student filmmaker located in Marin County. I now embark on a journey to finish production on my most ambitious film yet. In many ways “The Dragon’s Dance” is the culmination of all my passions: Mysticism, Philosophy, and Kung Fu; all embodied within the dynamic and visceral art form of cinema. Through spectacular choreography designed and performed by professional, indeed masterful, martial artists, in conjunction with cinematic techniques, we shall synthesize the essence of Yin and Yang through visual storytelling.

Having accomplished 3/4’s of the film thus far, we finally near the completion of our film. Just needing enough funds for 2 days of principle photography and post costs.

Media so heavily influences the way we think and act. I dream of an age where the entertainment we enjoy inspires us to cultivate wisdom and compassion. A type of art that seeks to preserve the ancient teachings and philosophies of benevolent beings, in a beautiful cinematic landscape. “The Dragon’s Dance” is the first of many films I intend to make that pay homage to the deepest potentials of life within every being. Drawing inspiration from the “Dao De Ching” and many eastern classics, we seek to encapsulate the true meaning of Yin and Yang. Specifically, through showcasing the rare traditional martial arts of Northern Shaolin, Taiji Chuan, and Bagua Zhang, we simultaneously symbolize “The Dao” and preserve the arts that embody it.

My intention is not a promotion of a religion or creed, but rather an exploration of the human experience through the arts I find most inspiring.

If I really want to tell the story as intended and bring my vision to life, it will take some cash. The complexity of the world we’re creating, a world of cosmic forces manifest in a single battle, requires a complex production. More importantly, I want to make sure the martial artists and crew are well taken care of. Any amount you contribute will be deeply appreciated and it’s a way to join in on a beautiful process!

Please make your contribution at the KickStarter,

Thank you for your support!

Sincerely, Sean Lim

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