The Hook Swords of Kung Fu

Exotic Weapons of Kung Fu: The Hook Swords

The Hook Swords are an exotic looking paired weapon (two swords, one for each hand) with a sharply curving hooked tip, a crescent moon bladed hand guard, and a spear tip pommel.

Hook Swords are Scary

Hook Swords look scary and frankly they are scary. The Hook Swords of Kung Fu are an advanced weapon that becomes extremely powerful if you have the skill required. If you don’t have enough skill, you’ll probably be more of a menace to yourself than anyone else! So you better plan on practicing if you want to use the Hook Swords!

northern-shaolin-hook-swordsOriginally designed for use by foot soldiers combating cavalry, the hook swords are a formidable weapon. For fighting men on horses the hooks would be used to attack the tendons of the horse.

The hooked end is used to capture the opponent, disarm them, or attack tendons and joints.  It is cruel and vicious. And Scary!

The spear tip on the pommel is used for deadly thrusting attacks.

Powerful Defense

The crescent moon in front of the handle is great for a strong defense and blocking the powerful blows of an opponent.  The Hook Swords have great blocking capability because the crescent moon blade is a very strong design and placed in front of the hands it is in a strong position for blocking.  The crescent moon blade of the hook swords can also be used to attack the opponents throat.

You can also perform strong cross blocks using the length of the blade.  Although it would still not be a good idea to try and block a Kwan Dao! The Hook Swords do have more blocking capability than either the Double Sabers or the Double Swords.

Powerful Offense

hookswords_advancedWhen you use any paired weapon whether it is Hook Swords, Double Sabers, Double Swords, or even Double Daggers you have the option of blocking with one weapon while striking with the other.  Or you can simply attack two different targets, one with each weapon. This makes paired weapons very difficult to defend against if you have only a single weapon.

I teach two Hook Sword forms: the Northern Shaolin Ground Rolling Hook Swords and the Sun Moon Hook Swords.  These are both very advanced forms that require previous weapons training with other sword types as preparation.

In you are in the San Francisco area I teach classes in Northern Shaolin and weapons both in group classes and in private lessons.


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