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Today we are delighted to share two beautiful videos with you. The first is a free sample Tai Chi video lesson. The second video features the extremely cool Kung Fu Cane of Dr. David.

The first is a sample lesson from our new Tai Chi Comprehensive Course called “Tiny Seeds, Giant Trees”.  This wonderful video features an inspiring and encouraging message from Sifu Jensen that is a good example off the beautiful work our team is doing. The lesson will be part of the “Philosophy and Lore” lessons in the 10,000 Victories Training Academy. There are total of 32 these lessons covering a wide spectrum of topics. Some are motivational and uplifting like this beautiful video. Others dive deep into classical philosophy, medicine, and Tai Chi theory with excellent educational content.

The second video is both encouraging and motivational featuring some inspiring Kung Fu Cane and Tai Chi action by Dr. David Solnit. This sincere testimonial from long time student Dr. David Solnit, shows the transforming and strengthening effects of steady and regular practice and study. We hope everyone enjoys watching David’s performances and thoughtful comments as much as we do.

Special shout out to the Whole Team making these videos happen! Thank you!!

Which is your favorite and why?

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