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What is going to happen in 2022? Who knows? A little harmony perhaps?

We can be sure, as always, there will be a lot that we cannot control. Sometimes it seems we have little we can personally control.

When we practice classical martial or healing arts it is easy to think our goal is kicking butt or getting fit. When we practice these arts daily that is where our focus is, training our martial skills and cultivating our physique.

Let us not forget the ultimate aim of all this practice, the ultimate goal of our martial arts is becoming better humans and living with Wude or Martial Virtue. The essence of Wude is choosing to live in harmony with ourselves, our family, and our community by living with virtue. The truth is our ability to do this simple sounding thing, live in harmony with ourselves and others, has been quite sorely tested by the events of the last few years!

My humble suggestion for a direction in 2022, a response to everything in 2022 is “Be the Harmony” and “Bring the Harmony”, and “Would you like a side order of Harmony with that?”.

What if we don’t worry about changing the world and changing others so much. Instead, let us start out by looking at how can we add some Harmony with our own actions, words, tone of voice, and body language. Can we “Sprinkle a little Harmony on top”?

There may be a whole lot of more of “Wow that sure is out of control this year!”. Let’s make sure we aren’t the ones creating the out of control and the difficulty. Let’s be the ones figuring out how to create harmony, peace, and love every place we can.

Sometimes it is hard to control our minds and emotions. When those moments arise breathe deep and get centered. Remember you control your own thoughts and emotions and no one else does. You are the only one who controls your ability to react and respond to the world and everyone and everything in it.

No matter what is going on you do have choices and the most important one is choosing the attitude with which you face the challenges of the moment. When it seems the only thing that you can control in the entire world is your own attitude it makes all the difference in the world if you do.

My suggestion is, make sure you’re packing armor piercing Teflon coated rounds of Harmony and Love in your back pocket. Fill your quivers, canteens, mess kits, and helicopters (hello Barak!) with Harmony. When it starts, and you know it will, let us be ready, and we’ll bring the Harmony.

p.s. That’s Harmony, Not Hormoney, or Harm My Knee!


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