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One of my favorite parts of Erath dragon Staff and for some a major challenge is all the leaps and jumps that we do during the Earth Dragon staff form. 

We get airborne with a variety of ways. We have a lot of charging leap forwards, spinning leaps back and forth, hops to change direction, defensive hops to protect one’s legs and feet. In all it really takes a lot of nimbleness> When we do leaps, we develop strengthen our calves for the leap itself. When we land, we develop ste3nght in our toes and feet.  All of this leaping makes the form far more tiring than if they were not included.  

One of the other things about all these leaps is that you are not landing usually you are landing in a variety of stances. The most difficult would of course be when we leap forma. crane Stance and then land in a swallow stance, Swallow stance landings are always a challenge because the wallow stance is just so slow. 

I have always loved the spinning leaps that are found in Earth dragon staff and in Dragon Phoenix Sword. They are identical in most ways. The spinning leaps in Earth dragon Staff are huge and the landings from these leaps set up huge strikes that come in whistling and crashing with power. They always feel so strong and satisfying and look so good. Learning to do these leaps holding my heavy staff has made it much easier to do the same leaps when we encounter them in the 10 Core Hand forms of Northern Shaolin. And practicing them in the Northern Shaolin 10 core forms certainly helps you prepare to do them in these awesome expert level weapons forms.   

Have fun flying with your staff! 

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