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Some of you know our talented Ila Cantor, who is the composer for our 10,000 Victories Tai Chi theme song, and an Ancient Lineage Arts student, is about to give birth to her first baby. We are all super excited for her and River.

Two weeks ago River caught Ila doing her casual practice of Tai Chi Sword. With her permission, we are delighted to share this wonderful video with you. We love her joyous movements and playful energy. The song she put on to go with this practice video is an old song she wrote when she started her Kung Fu training with Sifu Jensen called “Move”, which we thought is just perfect!

“I wrote this song right around the time I first started practicing Kung Fu in the summer of 2017. At this time I began to feel like there was something profound about developing a more serious movement practice. I could see how movement of the body was leading to positive movement in my life. I noticed how increased body awareness led to a higher quality of presence, and how “making shapes” with my body was like molding the shape of my future. Practicing and refining physical movement has helped me bring love and life into ordinary days, and to “tend the light” through times of darkness. I also chose this song because of the massive transition I am in now, and how grateful I have been to have tools to move through this pregnancy with health.”

Enjoy this amazing performance even though it’s a casual practice!!

Play with Your Tai Chi Practice! (Video)

“Move” – By Ila on mandolin, voice, and piano

Learn more about Ila’s music here

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