The Dragon’s Dance – An Inside Look

The Dragon’s Dance – An Inside Look

What is “The Dragon’s Dance?” A homage to Ancient Lineage Arts; its beautiful movements, its philosophical lens, and its ability to strengthen and transform the heart. As our main character, Sifu Yang, unintentionally achieves immortality through his martial arts practice, the world around him dissolves with each passing season, as he remains unscathed by time. His wife passes, leaving him to yearn for their reunion in heaven, but heaven does not come. Will Sifu Yang find a path to the realm in which she now abides? Perhaps the answer lies within the very source of his dilemma… and in his newfound disciples.

Current Status:

The Dragon’s Dance currently progresses through the pre-production process. It has been in this stage for over a year! As the pandemic paused our production, we’ve had more time to improve the story, the wardrobe, the choreography, etc. Thus, I can confidently say that our film exceeds its previous intentions, both in quality and in scope.


As you can see below, Rachel Jensen’s work surpasses any hopes or dreams of mine. I’m so excited to see how her work evolves and stitches together. She’s currently in contact with a boot designer in Taiwan.



Sifu Yang – Sifu Scott Jensen                                              Hua Yin – Rachel Jensen


Lee Yin – Erica Bermudo                                                       Jiang Chao – River Rudl

Da Chao – Harold Rudl                                                            Qingyuan – Rachel



We did a small test shoot for lighting, camera, and location. Our wonderful Director Of Photography, Nathaniel Garafalo, shot and color graded some beautiful images.


Sifu completed an original Bagua meets Northern Shaolin sparring form between Hua(Rachel) and Lee(Erica). Our two female leads continue to train and perfect this beautiful and fierce form. The majority of the film consists of fight scenes. I look forward to seeing Sifu’s creations.


As of now, Roy’s Redwoods and Mount Tam act as our two locked set pieces. Tennessee point may end up as our primary location, but more scouting is needed. If you have any good ideas for a beautiful location without any traces of modern civilization, please let us know.


Do you know two young boys who could play the younger versions of Jiang(River) and Da(Harry)? Let us know!


Creating a mythical world of immortal masters, elemental forces, celestial powers, authentic martial arts, and epic locations will take work and money. We are in the process of creating a crowdfunding page. The funds will be used for costumes, permits, equipment, and anything we can offer to the hardworking cast and crew. Any help that can be offered will be met with sincere gratitude. Updates coming soon!



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