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We’re Americans and we want our goals!

Wow! Is it hard to make any kind of goals with current events throwing constant curve balls and huge rogue waves at us. But we are American’s and we do like to set goals and talk about goals. Especially around a new year we love dreaming and making new resolutions and goals.

What kind of meaningful goals can we set?


Make Practice your Goal.

Make sure you practice. Don’t be too picky here. Just practice. If you wonder, should I practice this or that? The answer is always a resounding YES you should practice both this and that and anything and everything else. Pick one and begin now! Should I practice now? Yes! Should I practice here? Yes! Should I practice more? Yes!!!

Just so long as you are moving and practicing your art, your art can grow, and you can grow along with your art.

Thinking and worrying too much? Practice! Lots of questions? Good time to practice.

Convinced you are doing it all wrong? Practice now, ask questions later.

The truth is one goal just doesn’t cut it for most serious goal oriented Americans! I know this. You know this. We all know this. Therefore, I have got you A listed, over achievers and go getters who have just to lean into it more covered. Here are three goals for you:

Your first goal this year is “Practice”.

Second goal is “Practice More”.

Third goal is “Keep Practicing”.

If you take of these care of these three goals your skills will take care of themselves.

As martial artists we would prefer to have plenty of indoor group activity with contact. As we’ve said before that is Step 8 of the 5 Step Reopening process. It could change soon. Maybe. Might not. Group classes could resume or not. Who knows?

Did you practice today? That is knowable and might even be controllable.

Might not be able to control the boss (es), spouse, children, relatives and neighbors, but you might be able to control yourself and your practice.

The real challenge has always been that when we need our practice the most, when we are the most stressed, the most challenged, the most besieged, that is when it is the most difficult to make our practice happen. The centering stability of regular practice on your art and transforming yourself with your art is a great gift you can give yourself every day. Our lives are incredibly complex and busy but with a little creativity, planning, and probably a wee bit of negotiation you can make sure you achieve the goal of practice. If you practice, all sorts of wonderful things will happen to your skills in 2022 and your life will undoubtedly be more centered, grounded, healthier, and happier.

Have a Great Year of Steady Practice and Progress in 2022

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