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Leaping right at you is the Water or Black Tiger Year. In Chinese cosmology the color of water is black, like the color of deep water. Makes me think we might also call this year, not only the year of the Black Tiger, but also the year of the Black Panther.

Tiger years are dramatic and surprising with the possibly of both great good fortune and sudden loss. They are filled with both opportunity and with danger. The nature of the Tiger is to leave their cave and go hunting, catch a large animal and then return to their cave and eat it before taking a mighty nap. This is how tigers work. Tigers are solitary hunters who use their keen intelligence to find a great spot to ambush an impressive meal. Their ambush is a sudden, extremely fierce charge or leap finishing off their prey. Tigers do not hunt small animals or even medium size animals. They leave the medium size animals to the jaguars, panthers, and lions. They concentrate on large prey and the larger the prey the better. Solo Tigers have been known to take down huge elephants with a howdah full of rifle armed hunters and all sorts of huge animals. Tigers have been known to share extremely large prizes while showing off to their other Tiger friends. Tigers can leap over 30’. That is how tigers approach problems, they leap in or over any obstacle and seize the problem directly with full force.

We just finished the year of the Iron Ox. The Iron Ox exemplifies the ethic of hard, steady work and last year was a year of hard, steady grinding forward for many of us.

According to the astrologers, and everyone with the slightest bit of common sense, we can see that there will be many challenges and obstacles to any plans and normal goals in 2022. However, despite those challenges that will make steady progress seem difficult and risky, 2022 is a year also filled with incredible opportunities. Tiger years are years where you have the opportunity to be like a Tiger and boldly leap to a new level, start something new, travel, move, explore and in all ways grow rapidly.

Of course, leaping is risky, and landing from a huge leap can be rather loud and crashing a little bit upon landing is often part a fun part of the ride. Yet staying in the same place can also be difficult or risky if the world around you is changing rapidly. Perhaps if the world leaps, we should leap right along, and make sure we don’t lose the rhythm and the step in this dancing moment of life.

When the Tiger wakes up and comes out of its cave, the jungle takes notice. There is a pause and a moment of silence in the jungle. Something is going to happen. Don’t be the prey that gets eaten.

The Black Tiger Year might be a good time to wake yourself up, decide not to be a prey, get your own Black Tiger suit on, get out of your cave, and seize a large and impressive prey all your own. Get your own A game on just in case you meet the Tiger in person. Then you will be ready to leap and roll with a big Black Tiger.

There are many ways to leave your cave and engage the world with your bold Tiger energy. Some of them do not even require you to leave your home. The most important thing is to show leadership in your own life by showing up and moving forward boldly while still being consistently alert to danger on all sides.

(Please continue to be careful with covid and get all your vaccines and boosters!)

To build your Tiger Power study Northern Shaolin or Xing Yi Quan!

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