Finding Tai Chi – Sample Lesson and Student Journeys

By January 12, 2022Events

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we have two new Tai Chi videos for you to watch!

This first video is the first lesson from 10,000 Victories Online Training Academy in the “Tai Chi Form Instructional Series” of lessons that teach the movements of the Tai Chi Form. In this first lesson you will learn the commencement and ward off movements. The lesson is taught outdoors along the beautiful Northern California coast and even has flocks of wild birds flying through.

The 10,000 Victories Tai Chi Form consists of three different sections. The first section is the shortest and the second and third are longer. The first section of the Tai Chi Form takes 8 weeks to learn in the Foundation Course. The second and third take 12 weeks each.

There are two lessons like this one each week, so you have 16 lessons teaching the first section of the form. In addition, there are many other lessons each week, and that supplement the instructional lessons and teach the body method, health benefits, philosophy and lore, self-defense, and beauty and performance tips as well. Taken together you have plenty of fun, informative, easy to follow, and beautiful videos to watch each week for a total of 32 weeks and a total of 64 instructional lesson like this one.

We hope you enjoy this lesson on “Commencement” and “Hold a Ball”!

The second video that you can watch today is a beautiful journey into the nature, essence and benefits of Tai Chi as shared by our students. Each person talks about how Tai Chi has helped them in profound ways and what Tai Chi means to each individually. Our favorite cinematographer Sean Lim has done a wonderful artistic job of filming and editing. We hope you enjoy it!





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