Martial Science and Mystical Symbology of the Dragon’s Dance

In the new short film, Dragon’s Dance, we are working on with Sean Lim, there are five main characters. Each of the characters has their identity and role in the movie related to the Five Elements of Taoist Cosmology, Astrology, and Internal Alchemy. Taoist Internal Alchemy is the process by which a Taoist becomes an immortal. One of the themes of the movie is how Sifu Yang is cursed with loneliness as a side effect of the blessing of immortality. As a result, Sifu Yang wishes to create an Immortal partner for himself by combining the Five Elements with the catalyst of the mysterious Dragon energy of the Yin Yang spheres.

In the Dragon’s Dance each of the five main characters embodies a direction, animal, and element. The Jiang character played by River Rudl is the Azure Dragon of the East. Da played by Harrold Rudl is the Black Tortoise and Snake of the North. Erica Bermudo is the White Tiger of the West. Rachel Jensen is the Red Phoenix of the South. In the Center is my character, Sifu Yang, who is the Golden Dragon of the Center. Each of these also embodies an element. Jiang, the Azure Dragon of the East, embodies the Wood element. Da, the Black Tortoise and Snake, embodies the Water Element. Erica, the White Tiger of the West, embodies the element of Metal. Rachel, the Red Phoenix of the South, embodies the Fire Element. And Sifu Yang, The Gold Dragon of the Center, embodies Earth.

Each of the Characters also specializes in one branch of martial techniques. So, what are the specialties of each Character? Jiang, played by River, specializes in kicks. Da, played by Harrold, specializes in hand techniques. Lee, played by Erica, specializes in grappling and push hands. Hua played by Rachel specializes in deadly vital point striking. Sifu Yang specializes in stances, footwork, and leg power. As the film progresses each character also uses the other branches of techniques. Combining all five branches gives one a complete spectrum of martial techniques to master any situation.

We are super busy working on all the choreography for the numerous action sequences. There is as much action in this short film as in many full length feature films! Pretty exciting to work on this project that will begin filming in a few short weeks.

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