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10,000 Victories team is now tackling the wonderful world of Pushing Hands or Tui Shou. Tui Shou or Pushing Hands exercises are great partner exercises for the art of Tai Chi Chuan, the Supreme Ultimate Boxing Style. Push Hands helps to develop the incredibly responsive and balanced yet rooted body method of Tai Chi Chuan.

The first part of the name Tai Chi Chuan means Supreme Ultimate and refers to the classical Chinese philosophy related to the Tai Chi symbol and expressing the interrelationships of Yin and Yang. Chuan means not only “boxing” but also “defeating the enemy by skillfully using their own strength against them”. Skillfully using their own strength against them sounds really cool but how do you acquire the skills to do that?

The first and most important exercise in classical Tai chi Chuan is learning Pushing Hands and practicing diligently with many partners. In 10,000 victories Tai chi we like to also add a lot of dodging and footwork drills to our foundation building as well. We have already prepared a fantastic series of lessons about the dodging and stepping exercises we teach and practice for the forthcoming 10,000 Victories Online Tai Chi Course. Now we are filming an extensive series of lessons on the exercises and ideas that we practice building our tournament winning Push Hands Team’s skills.

Here our list of topics that we will be recording lessons for in the next couple of weeks:

  1. Tai Chi Push Hands Lessons
  2. Introduction to Push Hands
  3. Being a Good Practice Partner
  4. Foundation Drills for Body Sensitivity and Mobility
  5. The Setup “Testing Ward Offs Hands Cross”
  6. Single Hand
  7. Single Hand – Presenting a Strong Ward Off
  8. Single Hand – Using your Stance and Turning Your Waist
  9. Single Hand – Coiling your Body as You Yield
  10. Single Hand – Practicing Your Single Palm Push / Strike
  11. Single Hand – Reestablishing Your Ward Off
  12. Single Hand – Yielding Deep In Your Shoulder – Coiling Your Shoulder
  13. Single Hand – Playing with the Pull and the Elbow
  14. Common Mistakes
  15. Common Mistakes – Pushing to the side instead off on target
  16. Common Mistakes – Using Force to Redirect Triggers Strikes
  17. Common Mistakes – Collapsing Triggers Elbow
  18. Common Mistakes – Pulling versus yielding
  19. Common Mistakes – Becoming over extended when you push
  20. Common Mistakes – Improving your Knee Position to Strengthen Your Stance
  21. Common Mistakes – Sinking the Elbow to Defeat the Pull
  22. Common Mistakes – Conforming Your Hand to Opponents Wrist
  23. Common Mistakes – Stiff Elbow
  24. Common Mistakes – Stiff Shoulder
  25. Common Mistakes – Staying Relaxed
  26. Common Mistakes – Using Light Pressure versus Heavy Pressure
  27. Single Hand Variation –
  28. Single Hand Variation – Reverse or Back Hand Pushing
  29. Single Hand Variation – Chopping / Slicing Down – Groin Strike
  30. Single Hand Variation – Overturning Low
  31. Single Hand Variation – Opposite Arms
  32. Single Hand Variation – Quick Turning Striking Palm
  33. Single Hand Variation – Pull Down Spiral Up
  34. Single Hand with Stepping
  35. Single Hand with Stepping – Single Step Understand the Hidden Throws and Trips
  36. Single Hand with Stepping – Two Steps
  37. Simple Both Hands Stationary
  38. Simple Both Hands with Single Step
  39. Simple Both Hands with Two Steps
  40. Peng, Lu, Ji, Ahn – Classic Push Hands
  41. Classic Push Hands – Learning the Classic Chinna or “Joint Locking and vital Striking” Version First
  42. Classic Push Hands – Smoothing The Sharp Edges of The Chinna Version
  43. Classic Push Hands – Free Style Push Hand Fixed steps
  44. Classic Push Hands – Free Style Push Hands Moving Steps


I am excited to share all of these great drills, exercises, games, and concepts with everyone! You can be pretty darn certain, if you learn all of these drills and practice them it will be impossible for a normal person to push you around, your balance will become incredibly, profoundly enhanced, your Tai Chi and   Kung Fu forms practice will transform, and you will develop and deepen many new friendships!

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