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The 10,000 Victories Team continues to press forward with our filming of lessons, follow alongs, and other beautiful footage. Currently, we are taking full advantage of the great weather and concentrating on shooting outdoors either capturing the fog along the coast in background of our shots or in artistic compositions for Tai Chi Sword. I have outlined a Tai Chi Sword 100 Day Course with a total of 42 different lessons and classes. Of course, you will be able to go slower, or faster through these lessons to suit your own pace. We have begun filming these lessons in one of our favorite Redwood groves. The footage for these is absolutely beautiful. The first shoots we have concentrated on whole form follow along shots from both the front and back views. We have also shot many fun angles, short clips, and beauty shots for inspiration with Sean Lim doing wonderful work as our cinematographer.

Another exciting part of our production is the sound design work. We are starting to create our very own soundtracks for your Tai chi practice sessions.

These soundtracks will be designed to complement the follow along videos and inspirational art films we are creating. Jacob Musselman, our sound engineer, will be mixing a variety of nature sounds, local familiar bird songs, and Ila Cantors angelic guitar music into one, and possibly more, new soundtracks. For one of the more mystical themed soundtracks, I have selected a series of my favorite verses from the classical poem called the Tao Te Ching, or “Way of Power and Virtue”, by Lao Tzu. The Tao Te Ching is considered the foundation of Taoism and Chinese thought and philosophy. I have also selected verses from the Tai Chi classics to be added together completing a set of inspiring mystical directions for your most serene and profound Tai Chi practice sessions.

Push Hands or Tui Shou has not been forgotten and these lessons are being designed now. Additional lessons in push hands other partner drills and practices will become available after we launch our program. Connor Jensen and others will assist in the filming of these lessons. This is an exciting part of our program.

Behind the scenes Darren Miyawaki is working hard to organize and prepare all of the lessons that Sean Lim has edited onto our online platform. Darren is also working on all things related to your lessons friendly and findable online presentation.

Connor Jensen, a Black Sash in Northern Shaolin, has been performing opposite Sifu in many videos to assist in demonstrating the self defense and sparring drills for our online classes. These lessons have been a lot of fun to film, and we are sure you are going to enjoy them just as much as we do.

Rachel Jensen has been the glue holding this entire team together managing and organizing everyone and everything. Rachel has also shown her creativity throughout in the production process and especially in the area of photography and filming.

Thank you to our whole Team Sifu, Rachel, Connor, Sean, Jacob, and Darren!!!!


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