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Kung Fu Animal Power Series Kung Fu Animal Power Student

Guide Kung Fu Animal Power uses 18 different animals to teach classic virtues to build good character and healthy bodies. This beautifully illustrated, full color guide is packed with inspiration, valuable lessons, and introduces all 18 Animals in details. These lessons build superior coordination, balance, and agility as well as balanced whole body strength and flexibility. Kung Fu Animal Power builds courage and real self defense skill with powerful moves from the best styles of Kung Fu.

The Kung Fu Animal Power Student Guide is the perfect guide to learn about Kung Fu and Character for children

List Price: $22.00,

8″ x 10″, Full Color Bleed, 62 pages

Kung Fu Animal Power Fu Books

Fu Books (or Lucky Fun Books) are activity books for students of Kung Fu Animal Power.

In each book you will learn all the lessons of each animal including: Virtue, Body Mechanic Lesson, Animal Drills, Animal Moves. You’ll also find: Biology Lesson, Fun games, Pictures to admire, Drawings to color, Chinese Lessons, Chinese Idioms, and Folk Stories

Coloring page that illustrates the story
The Rabbit Fu Book has the most amazing mazes fo any Fu Book!
A sample of the Dodging Drills Illustrated with Clear Photos
This page is a sample of the Chinese lessons found in the Rabbit Fu Book. This page teaches how to pronounce, write, and use Polite in Chinese.

List Price: $10.00 each

8’ x 10”, Full Color Cover, Black and White Interior, 26 – 50+ pages.

Elephant Fu Book Cover

Elephant – The Elephant is Strong.

Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Heart,

Rounded Shoulder,

Arm Swings, Shoulder Strikes

Falcon Fu Book Front Cover

Falcon – The Falcon is Focused.

It Avoids Distractions, and Sees the Details,

Core Strength,

Falcon Elbows

Falcon Fu Book Front Cover

Horse -The Horse is Courageous.

It Acts Even When Afraid,

Level Your Hips,

Horse Stance,

Horizontal Punches

Jaguar – The Jaguar is Decisive

It Seizes the Moment,


Jaguar Stance, Stalking Steps,

Jaguar Fist and Punches

Tiger Fu Book Cover

Tiger -The Tiger is Dynamic.

Does Its Best,


Tiger Pushes, Push Ups

Monkey Fu Book Cover

Monkey – The Monkey is Clever.

It Solves the Problem,

Quick Turns,

Monkey Turns, Monkey Slapping Palms

Front and Back cover of the Rabbit Fu Book

The Rabbit- The Rabbit is Polite.

It Makes Friends by Listening, & Respecting Others’ Needs,

Mouth Closed,

Evasive Stepping, Dodging

Bear Fu Book cover

The Bear is Honest.

It tells the Truth and Keeps Its Promises,

Straight Spine,

Drilling Fist,

Lashing Fist, Hammer Fist

Coming Soon (all new books are 50+ pages):

Lion – Leadership – Help Others Work together for Success, Knee Alignment, Salute Knee Lifts, Knee and Palm Strikes.

Rooster – Confidence – It Knows It will Succeed – Foot Grips the Ground, 8 Directions Stepping, Flying Kicks

Swallow – Flexible – It Knows When to Change Direction – Soften the Chest, Swallow Stance, Ground Sweeps & Swallow Kicks

Available Video

Ba Gua Zhang Body Conditioning Drills Instructional DVD

Ba Gua Zhang – 8 Diagrams Palm Foundation Drills

The 29 exercises on this program are incredibly therapeutic and strengthening for the shoul-ders, arms, wrists, fingers and spine.

Taking all of these joints through their full ranges of motion we massively improve their strength and flexibility. Heal old injuries, scar tissue and frozen or restricted shoulders. By strengthening your joints and tendons these exercises prevent injuries from grappling, sparring, and intense martial arts practice.

Qi Gong Lessons DVD

Beginning Qigong Lessons

Simple, Effective Exercises that Build Health and Relieve Pain.

Join Scott Jensen on location in Taiwan and learn how to improve your health and relieve pain with in two beautiful, 20 minute, “Follow Along” exercise sessions.

“Opening Joints and Relaxing Tendons Qigong” Energize and Align Yourself“Post Stand-ing Qigong” Gather Qi, Realign Your Body, Balance Your Emotions, Center Your Mind, and Ground Yourself. “Pre-Birth Circles Qi Gong” Harmonize and Circulate Your Blood and Qi.

Yi jin jing - Muscle Tendon Changing Classic Qi Gong Instructional DVD

Yi Jin Jing – Muscle Tendon Changing Classic Qi Gong

Join Shifu Scott Jensen, a foremost leader of the renown Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, as he guides you deep into the heart of Qi Gong and traditional Chinese martial arts.

Muscle Tendon Qi Gong is an amazing way to maintain, and improve your health, and recover from illness, or injury. Some exercises stretch, and strengthen the entire body. Others, focus on a specific organ, or meridian (Qi Energy Channel). All provide direct benefits that you can feel.

Qigong Lessons and theory for beginners

Qi Gong for Health – A Guide for New Students

In this beautifully illustrated, easy to follow, book you’ll learn:

What is Qigong? Different Types of Qigong; Goals of Qigong; Foundation Theories; Breath-ing; Concentration; How to start if your health is weak; Get Inspired and Start Healing!

Lian Bu Quan Connecting Steps DVD

Lian Bu Quan Connecting Steps

Lian Bu is a perfect place to begin learning traditional self defense oriented Kung Fu. Lian Bu is a famous foundation form used throughout Northern China to train new students.

Lian Bu will help you build strong legs, and firm steps as you learn how to use your whole body to power its fierce strikes.

Northern Shaolin 6 Duan Da Short Striking Instructional DVD

Northern Shaolin 6 Short Striking

Sifu Scott Jensen, a foremost leader of the world-renowned Northern Shaolin Kung Fu system, is proud to present Duan Da known by many as Northern Shaolin 6. After learning from legendary Kung Fu expert, Sifu Wong Jack Man, he has acquired a clear and concise understanding of the 10 forms. This learning program was created to help promote the art. Northern Shaolin Kung Fu #6, short striking, is the most recognizable of the 10 forms. It has several high kicks, a tornado kick, and two low ground sweeps. This form is simple to learn yet aggressive and heroic. Take a journey with Sifu Scott Jensen as we explore the true essence of Northern Shaoin Kung Fu as taught by Sifu Wong Jack Man.

Northern Shaolin #7 Mei Hua Plum Flower Fist Instructional DVD

Northern Shaolin 7 Plum Blossom

Shaolin #7 Mei Hua “Plum Flower Fist” is one of the 10 Core Forms from the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu system. Take a journey with Sifu Scott Jensen, a foremost expert, in North-ern Shaolin Kung Fu. “In this program, I present Northern Shaolin #7 as I learned it form my teacher Grandmaster Wong Jackman.”

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