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Dragon’s Dance Main Shoots Completed!

Thanks to tons of hard work Sean Lim and his classmates shot the majority of Dragon’s Dance footage over the two weekends around Thanksgiving. All of the main action sequence and fight scenes were completed along with many flash back scenes. The 10,000 Victories Team performed admirably and we completed the many complex fight scenes and challenging choreographies I created. Everything we did was based on the classical lineage martial arts of Wong Jackman and my other teachers. Fans of Northern Shaolin, Tai Chi Chuan, Wu Dang Sword, and Ba Gua Zhang will all be delighted! I think I can speak not only for myself but for everyone else on the set cast and crew alike It was a lot of fun, but I was exhausted at the end of every day and totally wiped out after three days of intense shooting on location!

I am truly proud of everyone’s performances and participation. Of course, we are all amateur actors and crew. Given how brilliant the crew was, and they were indeed brilliant, young geniuses focused on creating with intense passion. I can’t wait to see what they do as professionals!  I was also extremely impressed with how our cast also rose to the occasion. Everyone put in great performances acting with no one freezing up or feeling too nervous. In this super artistic and mystical scene there is no dialog between the characters only action and emotion. The cast of Rachel Jensen, Scott Jensen, Erica Bermudo, Harold de Boissiere Rudl, and River Rudl and the two young brothers Jesse and Floyd were all fantastic in their acting and performances!

Nathaniel Garofalo, Director of Photography

Seretse Njemanze, Grip and Lighting

Nick Stone, Assistant Director

Brandon Hamilton, Assistant Director SF Film School Overlord

Hasan Sume, Drone Commander

Johnny Greenwald, Drone Commander

Sophia Sobhani, Make Up and Hair Design for Rachel Jensen and Erica Bermudo

Joseph Vigneri, Production Assistant, Location Scout

Darren Miyawaki, Production Assistant, Craft Services, Catering

Mykal-Lee Troche, Production Assistant

Kathryn Gordon, Production Assistant

Julian Murphy, Production Assistant

Jake Musselman, Production Assistant

Carlos Guzman, Production Assistant

There will be one more day of shooting to complete flashbacks involving Rachel Jensen’s second character Qing Yuan. These shots will be more romantic and emotional and have completely feel including different costumes and lighting.

By the way the footage looks awesome!

Enjoy these behind the scene videos!


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